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Welcome to the World of Sewing! January 3, 2012

Filed under: Personal — Burke @ 4:53 am

I decided on a whim this past summer that I was going to learn to sew. Fast forward a few months (or five!) and the journey has begun! I realized that I needed a format to keep track of my personal progress in this endeavor in addition to notes that I scribble in a sewing journal I’m keeping, so hopefully this will be both interesting and informative as I stumble through the world of fashion sewing. A few of my friends are taking the clothing challenge – to buy nothing new in 2012 unless it is a gift, or they have a giftcard. They can only buy thrifted items. I’m going to personalize this a bit and add that it’s my goal to wear sewn-by-me items most of the year. Eek! That’s pretty intimidating now that I’ve actually typed it out! I have a few other lofty goals – my husband and I are reading through the entire Bible this year, as well as the usual health and fitness goals.

Why? I really like classic clothing, and it just so happens that very few stores carry chic styles anymore, let alone ones that fit my unique curvature. I also really like wools and nice fabrics, so I figured it made sense to build my own perfectly fitted wardrobe out of fabric that I love.

What? I’m currently borrowing a friend’s Bernina sewing machine, although I have my eye on a Brother model as well as a serger – more about that later. I’ve also set up a makeshift sewing room in the front room of our house, which until now was unused.

How? I’ve read about 20 books from the library as well as a few that I found at a local discount store including the original 1975 Vogue Sewing as well as some other vintage editions. I’m also following several blogs online, keeping an eye on, and watching YouTube videos.

When? I work 7:00-3:30 as a counselor, so I have most evenings and weekends free to pursue this hobby in addition to the other things that fill my time.

Let the journey begin!!


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