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Is it Spring Yet?! January 28, 2012

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I should probably include the fact that the entire time I was working through these projects, I was also amassing a collection of patterns and fabrics that I fell in love with. I quickly gathered some cotton, denim, chambray, knits and most interestingly, patterns with color! I’ve already mentioned that I became bored very quickly sewing black fabric. I didn’t realize just how boring it would be when I came up with my initial plan to sew dresses in solid wools. I also didn’t realize how much I like spring/summer clothing, although I hate RTW spring/summer clothing. I soon figured out the next few lessons:

8. Sewing vibrant,floral or patterned fabric is FUN!

When looking for fabric for the Lisette Passport dress (Simplicity 2209) I stumbled onto the quilting section of JoAnn and found these:


I won’t describe how overjoyed I was when I found the print and then matched it – I had a little moment right there in the store. The top looks more purple than it is; it’s actually a fuscia. But wow! how vibrant and lovely for spring! I also figured out a good camouflage for figure flattering: solid on top where you’re largest, print/pattern on bottom where you’re smallest to draw the eye down. This dress is about 90% complete, using this pattern, version B:


It’s important to throw in the next lesson as well:

9. If in doubt, make a muslin!

As I’ve already mentioned, most Big 4 patterns are cut for a B-cup bust and will require some modification, especially in dart size and placement to allow for a larger (or smaller) cup. I decided to make a muslin of the bodice to make sure that I had the correct sizing prior to cutting up my fabulous cotton fabric. A muslin is a “test run” of the pattern so you don’t waste your fabulous fabric. I ended up ripping the seams of these bust darts (which are actually sewn down) to make them lower, but the skirt and the rest of it fit nicely. The cotton has been super-simple the sew and I cannot wait to wear this when the weather gets warmer, although it’s been fluctuating between 30s and 60s here in Knoxville lately. I may actually move the zipper – it’s on the side, which I like because it’s hidden, but it was also difficult to take in the side seams given its placement. Even still, I am most excited about this dress for Spring and will most likely make it with several different fabric combinations.


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