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The Day of Denim January 28, 2012

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Sales immediately draw me in – 40% off shoes, 2 for 1 cans of tomato sauce, and especially 50% off all denim fabric. I found a great strapless dress at Target once in denim that I loved. Unfortunately the side zipper malfunctioned around 10:00 am during a workday and my secretary then had to safety-pin me into it until that afternoon. Luckily I had one a cardigan and had no meetings scheduled, so it all worked out. But I loved that denim dress and will repair the zipper when I get more comfortable with my skills.

The denim was dark blue with a sheen almost to it and had stretch, and I’m pretty sure influenced my purchase of 2.5 yards each of two kinds of denim, one darker (which I intended for actual jeans at the time) and one lighter which I’m still waiting to use. I seem to have an odd habit of buying a fabric for one pattern and then eventually decide to use it on a different pattern. I’ve done this now with black wool crepe, red wool gabardine, purple knit and tan chambray. I can’t decide if it’s a terrible habit of non-commitment or me becoming less rigid but more creative. In any case, the dark denim was originally purchased for the Butterick 5682 skinny jean, it is now a 90% completed McCall’s 6503:


If I recall correctly, this is a Spring 2012 pattern from McCall’s, and I snatched it up at a recent $1.99 sale…again with the sales. I decided to be creative (or crazy) and modify this one a bit – I’m basically making the top right hand corner version minus the sleeves. This pattern comes with a gathered and pleated skirt, a fold or button bodice, option collar, large ruffle and small ruffle, and sleeve. I’m basically making the fold-down bodice with the pleated skirt without sleeves.

I made a muslin of this bodice and determined that I need to add 2″ to the length to accommodate my bust. This was all well and good until I tried it on attached to both the waist band and the skirt – the proportions are way off. While the bodice accommodates the bust size, the waist line is now lower than mine. I think I can take in the shoulder seams to make up for this so hopefully it wasn’t a complete loss. So, back to the large bust adjustment confusion.


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