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The Denim Dilemma February 5, 2012

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Yesterday I managed to wash and dry about 5 different fabrics that have been sitting waiting for their project. Work has been stressful to say the least so my evenings have been spent falling asleep in front of the TV around 8:00 pm. My hubby was a substitute conductor for a local orchestra rehearsal, so I took the time to go to JoAnn to pick up some zippers, thread and some kelly green denim. I’m trying to copy the J.Crew pants that are currently in stores, but the pattern is making me nervous:

This will be my first actual pair of pants, and I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I also have the New Look 6058 which is an ankle length pant with a side zip, with literally 4 leg pieces and a waistband, but I’m afraid the fabric will look weird if I’m not sewing them as tradition jeans would be sewn – topstitching and flat fell seams. I’m also a bit concerned about the fit, but I figure if I can adjust on the side seams I should be fine. Eek!

Something else thrilling happened this week: I PURCHASED A SEWING MACHINE! I’ve been borrowing a friend’s Bernina which has been a joy. My new Brother CS6000i should arrive on Tuesday! AND my order from Fabric Mart should also arrive this week! I still haven’t decided what to use the wools for, but I’m so excited!




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