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Hello SPRING! March 13, 2012

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Literally as I’m typing there’s an ice cream truck making its rounds through our neighborhood. It is a warm 78 degrees today, and I decided on my way home from work that it’s time to get serious – it’s time to start sewing! February, to be honest, was a bust. I didn’t get much accomplished except for gathering up some fabulous wools which are neatly labeled and color-coded in my sewing room. In the midst I have some cottons that I am getting a hankering to start working on. To beat my chronic procrastination I even made a 6-month plan of all of the items I hope to make each month. I did this a week ago today and I already want to change it and mix it up, but, for the time being, we’ll try to stick to it as best as possible.

Here’s what I have planned for March:

1. Simplicity 1873 – a Spring 2012 Cynthia Rowley pattern in teal linen/rayon. This will be my “Easter dress” which means I have approximately 4 weeks to complete it. I’ll be making Version C but with a slightly longer skirt as the one shown is above the knee. I’ve already done a full-bust adjustment on the pattern and the fabric is in the machine as I type.

2. Butterick 5733: This is a Spring 2012 pattern and has this great ruffle detail which excites me. I think I’ll make this in a red floral cotton I’ve had washed and waiting to use.

3. McCall’s 6503: I made this one earlier in denim, and made the horrible mistake of adding too much length to the bodice. I think I’ll try it again though – and again, it has a fun ruffle detail.

4. I also have the Simplicity 2250 jacket cut, pinned and ready to be sewn. I’m building up the courage to work on the dress that accompanies the jacket.

I think this is doable for March, at least I hope it is. I also have a Lisette dress that I had lost the motivation to finish until today’s hike in temperature.

Also, I got a tip on how to pre-treat wool that I plan on trying out this afternoon: I was instructed to wash a large towel, and then dry it will your piece of wool on high for 30 minutes. This should pre-shrink without making major textural changes to the fabric. We’ll see how this goes, as the thought of tossing wool into a dryer makes me want to cry, but I also don’t want finished items to shrink later on. The big decision is which color I am willing to part with if something goes ary.


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