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Me-Made-May ’12 April 6, 2012

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I just did something crazy: I signed up for Me-Made-May ’12 on This makes me nervous for several reasons: first, I only have 2 completed garments even though I’ve been sewing since last November. Second, I have about 8 unfinished projects in my sewing space, just waiting to be completed. Third, that only equals 10 garments to cover 31 days. Fourth, this will be a serious challenge.

Alas, I think this is exactly what my sewing hobby needs – a firm kick in the rear! But it also means that I have to get busy with actually finishing garments prior to the beginning of May. Eek! It also means I’ll need to spend more time sewing than I do planning my sewing. Currently I’m about 75/25 planning vs. sewing time, and those two really need to swap places.

On a progress note, I did manage to de-clutter my sewing space (which is currently in the front room of our house), reorganize and downsize my pattern collection, and read through the Colette Sewing Book! I ended up reducing my pattern collection from 50 down to 15, setting aside patterns that aren’t what I would call “basics.” I also worked on creating some slopers from some of my favorite patterns thus far: a bodice, a skirt, two simple dresses (one a-line, one slim), an a-line skirt and I’m working up a blouse now to determine if I want to make it into a sloper to be used to do some designing. I’ve checked out another bundle of books from the library on pattern design and I’m really looking forward to making some basic garments out of a handful of patterns.

I also figured up the other day that here in Knoxville there are roughly 8 months of warm/hot weather, and only 4 of cool/cold weather. I had considered starting on my Fall 2012 wardrobe items, but after tallying these up figured it would be best to make a few more summer dresses. I also took an inventory of what I wear most and it boils down to dresses throughout the year, occasionally pants or skirts, but mostly dresses, worn with tights and sweaters in the fall/winter, and with cardigans in the spring/summer. That also reminded me that I need more cardigans! Maybe I should learn to knit too…

I’ve also learned that I have a terrible habit of starting a garment, getting 75% way through it, and then starting something else. Am I seriously this ADD or does this plague every sewist? Panic set in when I finally agreed to do Me-Made-May ’12 and realized that I only have TWO completed garments, both dresses. The next three weeks need to be filled with some serious sewing, lest I completely lose this challenge. I’m also determined to get some photos up here too…that’s going to be a wonderful experience…cough…

Until next time!


2 Responses to “Me-Made-May ’12”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I’m in the same position! I signed up too, to help me finish all those things I’ve been meaning to get done, and bump my sewing up to the next level.

  2. Burke Says:

    Hi Ellen! Hooray for my first ever comment! I’m thinking about signing up for the new Colette Palette challenge, and the Seamless challenge where you purchase no mass-produced clothing for a specific amount of time. Anything to get myself in gear! Thanks for reading!

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