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Three Day Respite April 15, 2012

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Well, I decided the best thing for me to do was to stop sewing for a few days. I had Friday completely off from work due to working late the other four days, so I’ve enjoyed a nice 3 day weekend. Today I finally went to JoAnn to purchase 5 yards of 120″ muslin, as well as a bias tape maker, some discount purple cotton chambray (hopefully for a Pastille) and some sheer black and teal gingham to make into a Sorbetto. I also found some black polka dotted chiffon, also for a Sorbetto. I also ordered a copy of Fit for Real People and a narrow hem foot for my machine. The book will hopefully ease some frustration – the hem foot will just be convenient. They should both arrive tomorrow.

Today I finally started on my McCall’s 2401 muslin. I cut a size 16 and did a 2″ FBA weeks ago on both the bateau front and the v-front. I also went ahead and bought a second pattern today (JoAnn had McCall’s for $.99) so that I could get the sleeveless neck/arm facings for the sleeveless versions, and then cut the 3/4 length sleeve as well. Between my two patterns I have every possible dress from the 2401. I am still in dire need of a dressform – fitting is so unbelievably frustrating without one! I had considered padding out my husband since we have close to the same waist size but he sadly refused. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that will be my next major investment, even before a serger. The list of things I need and can use just keeps growing.

Luckily, my FBA worked really well – I did, though, add some length to the back thinking I needed to until I realized that the length added in the bust doesn’t translate to length needed in the back, so I removed it. I also shortened the entire thing by 2″ as the hem was WAY too long, even with a 2″ hem. I’m hoping to get this started in either some wool gabardine or some cotton, although I hate to cut my April Johnston cotton – which appears to already be sold out both in store and online.

My navy tricotine dress is about 75% complete. I went ahead and cut out a pencil skirt with the remaining fabric and had to cut the waistband out of my gathered skirt – this actually took off quite a bit of the weight so it doesn’t appear so heavy when attached to the bodice. The skirt is a variation of Vogue 8664 – really I’m trying to mimic a Burda Jenny skirt with the high waistbad. I’m not convinced it’s the look for me given my ample bust, but we’ll see, and who can’t use a plain navy pencil skirt?

So, here’s a tentative que for the next two weeks:

1. Sorbetto A in polka dot chiffon

2. Sorbetto B in teal/black sheer gingham

3. Finish V8664 skirt

4. Attempt to finish navy tricotine dress

5. Muslin of New Look 6058 and Simplicity 3688 pants

6. Choose a wool gab color for McCall’s 2401: the options are hunter green, copper, oat, mint plaid, amethyst, red, fuscia black.

7. Muslin of sleeves – I’ve never had a dress with sleeves but I think I may enjoy it. I usually wear cardigans but when it gets hot it might be nice to have a finished outfit without having to wear a sweater.

(BTW can you tell I finally learned how to include links?! Yes – I am quite pleased!)


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