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Wayward May May 31, 2012

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Here we are, the last day of May. I did not, as planned, participate in Me-Made-May ’12 simply due to the fact that I have maybe 4 completed garments and it seemed pointless to take photos each week of the same four outfits. To be completely honest, I didn’t get much sewing done at all this month, despite having two dresses 80% complete that only need zippers, facings and hems. Oh well. Here’s a quick overview of what I did accomplish this month:

1. I began working on my Peony muslin. I cut a size 14 based on my accurate measurements, not high bust, and added a 2″ FBA which is my standard. After further reading I learned that Colette patterns are drafted for a C cup, so I tossed that one and reduced the FBA by 1″. It’s still waiting to be marked and sewn up, but I think this will take care of the issue. I also shortened the bodice by an inch or so which I think should be fine – hopefully the waist seam will be near perfect.

2. I purchased, printed and taped together the Burda Jenny skirt. This skirt looks soooo cute on everyone who has ever sewn it, so I figured it was time to fork over the $7.50 and just make it. The measurements look like they’ll be fine, I just need to make my muslin. I usually don’t like pencil skirts since I have a bit of a lower belly paunch. It seems that pencil skirts just make it more noticeable, but the high waistband on this skirt is super-cute. Here’s hoping it works with my large-busted, short-waisted figure.

3. I broke down a purchased Sewaholic’s Cambie! Tasia has been posting photos from her pattern testers’ versions and oh-my-goodness they are so cute! I especially love the tutorial for a straight bodice. And I am super-thrilled that the a-line version only needs 2 yards of 60″ fabric. I have a ton of it laying around, ready to be whipped into fabulousness!

On a non-sewing related note, my hubby and I just got back from St. Simons Island in GA, where he interviewed for a full-time Minister of Music position. The weekend could not have gone better, and we left before Beryl decided to make landfall. We are hopeful that we will hear good news! This does, though, have me thinking about my fall sewing plans, as our next home will determine the types of garments I make. Anyway, I’m trying not to think too much about it, but it is exciting to say the least!


Estate Sale Finds & A Super-Fabulous Acquisition May 5, 2012

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First things first: my royal Kate was an absolute disappointment. Those damn darts are giving me serious trouble. I didn’t wear it in GA, but I did wear it to work this week and it was fine I guess. I did notice (rather my husband discovered) that the bodice and skirt do not line up on each side of the zipper. After all of that energy with small details – seam finishes, bias bound armholes – only to find that I had flubbed the zipper! At least they’re both the same color. I have promised myself that I will go back and try to reconcile those darts. GRR! I’ve had some help from fellow bloggers (thank God) and I’m hopful that I can fix it. Afterall, I love the S2209 style.

Second, I’ve been hearing so many bloggers talk about their treks to flea markets and antique stores, so I decided to try some out this morning. With the hubby in tow, we visited two estate sales, an antique store, and a local “public market” which is really just an indoor flea market. I lucked out majorly at the estate sale, although visiting these always leaves me blue: this is someone’s life and memories you’re sifting through, usually in their home that you know they were just in a week or so ago before they died. You could tell that the husband of this couple passed first, but the wife had kept his ties and engineering books, it seemed, where they had always been. She was a fellow sewer, and I delighted in the fact that I could now use some of her beloved treasures for my own sewing.











What we have here is an old sewing box with two trays and a lid – this box had a ton of thread, some hand-sewing needed, buttons, old lace rolled gently on old wooden thread spools, a tracing wheel, covered button kits and even a cardboard bobbin! The best find, though, was this:



An antique pin cushion with what appear to be children holding it. My husband thought this was super-creepy, but I instantly fell in love. I don’t have any sewing friends in town, so I think part of this experience was also knowing that I had “met” a fellow sewing enthusiast who seemed to enjoy the hobby as much as I do. There was also a very old Singer with a table, which I would have purchased had I had more money. Alas, I’m pleased with my finds. Oh, and I almost forgot – I found this too, a long scarf about 4″ wide which I think will make a fabulous tie belt:

I can just picture this with a white linen dress! Yum! And last but not least, an acquisition while we were in North Georgia for my hubby’s three-day interview with a church:

I have been lusting over this puppy for months, and I FINALLY own it! I’m in the process  of working on my bodice muslins, this time size 14 with a 1″ FBA instead of 2″ which was humongous.  We went to a very questionable part of town for me to snatch this up – it took me about 30 seconds to hone in on its whereabouts. So exciting! I am 200% sure that this will end up being my most loved TNT dress EVER, and it will solve all of my woes of fitting patterns and finding one that works completely for my body shape. Fingers (and limbs) crossed!

In conclusion: I’m looking forward to scouring Knoxville and the surrounding counties for more vintage and antique finds. Everything nowadays is so mass-produced, which is part of the reason why I’ve taken up sewing in the first place. It’s nice to find things that have been loved for years, that are now ready for you to love them.

Oh, and I desperately need to start taking photos for Me-Made-May ’12, although I need to abbreviate my plans: I think three days per week will suit me just fine. I don’t have nearly enough hand-made garments to wear them even 5 days a week, although I’m working on it!

Happy Saturday!