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I’m Back! September 12, 2012

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Well, when I left off at the end of May, my hubby and I had just returned from an interview on St. Simons Island in GA. Fastforward three months and here we are! He got the job and we left our home in TN and moved to the island! It’s been a big change but we love it nonetheless! My lack of a stressful (and miserable) full-time job has meant my sewing has blossomed. I’ve finished three Hazels, been working through Peony, found some awesome books and have started doing some drafting! I’ve also been super-inspired by all of the blogs I follow AND ordered my very first vintage pattern, which should arrive today! 

I’m really excited to get back into blogging, and I think I’ve gotten over my fear of taking photos of myself. The only issue is that my entire wardrobe planning had to be scrapped when we moved – no more cold temperatures for me. I’m thinking frantically about how to use all the wool I bought when we were in TN. 

Until next time!